Dog found tortured and tied to a tree in California

This story offers an example of someone who needs to be in prison for a long, long time – never to be allowed out where they can encounter innocent animals and people.

A poor little dog in Bakersfield, Calif. was found tied to tree with injuries that indicate she had been struck in the mouth with a golf club and the perpetrator sprayed bleach in her eyes. What kind of person does something like this?

My field of study is animal behavior, but I can safely say that any human who commits crimes of brutality such as this against kids, animals or the elderly – or anyone – is someone who has no moral guidance and thus is a constant danger to society. The primary goal of our criminal justice system should be to protect the innocent. Therefore, anyone found guilty of torture, brutality, other acts of terrible cruelty toward innocent beings should be put away, to insure the public safety.

Sometimes I wish I was a judge.

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