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Take the “Find your inner animal” quiz

The World Wildlife Fund has posted a special quiz on its website that is designed to determine which species of animal you relate to the most.

Find Your Inner Animal

I turned out to be a hippo and I’m not quite sure how to take that.

Video of the Day – My kind of bookstore

This is my kind of bookstore, where dogs are allowed to read with humans.

Eight racing greyhounds die during transport to Arizona

It is being reported that eight racing greyhounds died back in September during a transport of 27 dogs from Oklahoma to Arizona.

From the Arizona Daily Star report

“” The eight greyhounds likely died near El Paso, documents show. The couple traveled through Tucson with the dead dogs, but never stopped at Tucson Greyhound Park to look into veterinary care for the surviving dogs, documents say. “”

The couple hauling the 27 total dogs were only given 30-days suspensions and fined $500 each by Arizona’s Department of Racing.

How many more cases of neglect and abuse have to come to light before the few remaining dog-racing states wake up and ban this industry, sending it to the history books.

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