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Video of the Day: The much bigger story – Dogs from Michael Vick’s fighting ring find homes

While the media focuses on Michael Vick’s NFL comeback as some sort of feel-good story, the REAL feel-good story is how well many of the dogs who formerly lived in his dog-fighting torture chamber are doing now.

“Chronicles of Narnia” author was a real animal lover

I found an piece the other day – written by Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the US – about author CS Lewis of “Chronicles of Narnia” fame.

Pacelle notes Lewis, who died in 1963, was a solid advocate for animals.

From the article

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According to the BBC biography of the man, “Lewis’s love for animals shines through all his writings, and it made him especially concerned with finding a meaning behind animal suffering.” Lewis’s “The Problem of Pain” is a notable contribution to the discussion of animal welfare, given that it came in the 1940s when there was so little interest in the topic.

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Animal Legal Defense Fund ranks states by animal-cruelty laws

The Animal Legal Defense Fund has published a ranking of US states, based on each state’s animal cruelty laws.

The five states at the bottom of the list are Idaho, North Dakota, Iowa, Mississippi and Kentucky. The five best are Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Oregon and California.

From the ALDF website

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Inaccurate and sick “intro” to greyhound racing

I ran across a piece of misinformation about greyhound racing this morning on a site known as “”

The author of the piece gets one thing right. He informs the reader that the first dog to reach the finish line wins. Wow! – what a revelation! I guess he feels that dog racing so idiotic he has to really dumb down the “article” to draw in the galactically stupid.

But then we have the following in this “beginner’s guide to greyhound racing” –

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