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Main Line Animal Rescue draws attention to lax enforcement by USDA

Main Line Animal Rescue, an organization featured on a couple of occasions on the Oprah TV show, has formulated a special means of drawing attention to the US Department of Agriculture’s failures in regard to puppy mills. The group is featuring an ad on a transit bus in the nation’s capital.

The message – “Why is the USDA Bending Over Backwards to Accommodate Our Nation’s Puppy Mills?”

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Video of the Day – Smithfield Foods undercover video

The Humane Society of the United States released this video – from inside a facility run by a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods – on December 15. It documents the horrible and extremely inhumane conditions female pigs endure in gestation crates.

*** WARNING – Some scenes in this footage are very difficult to watch and contain images of injured pigs.

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Breaking News – President signs Truth in Fur Labeling Act

The Humane Society is reporting this morning that President Obama has signed the Truth in Fur Labeling Act. The bill was unanimously passed by the Senate earlier this month.

The new law will require accurate labels on fur garments – with information such as the species of animal and country. As important, the law will hopefully the stop the practice of labeling products as faux fur, when it actually contains fur from animals such as dogs, cats, wolves or raccoon dogs.

Of course, no one needs to wear fur garments at all. There are so many alternatives. I’ll try to get more news about this story later.

Sunday Commentary – Michael Vick and all others convicted of dog fighting should not have pets

There is so much being written about Michael Vick of late, so I’ve sort of stayed clear of writing about him for the most part. But his comments about wanting a dog some day are enough to bring me into the fray.

The answer is NO. Michael Vick and anyone else convicted of dog fighting or any other similarly cruel acts against animals should be banned from having pets – forever. It’s a matter of being held accountable for their actions. In fact, I’d include the people who are convicted to domestic violence in the mix of folks who should be banned from pet guardianship.

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