Main Line Animal Rescue draws attention to lax enforcement by USDA

Main Line Animal Rescue, an organization featured on a couple of occasions on the Oprah TV show, has formulated a special means of drawing attention to the US Department of Agriculture’s failures in regard to puppy mills. The group is featuring an ad on a transit bus in the nation’s capital.

The message – “Why is the USDA Bending Over Backwards to Accommodate Our Nation’s Puppy Mills?”

From a story posted on out of Southern Mississippi:

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A report from the Office of Inspector General, released the earlier part of this year, shows dogs in federally licensed kennels so starved they resorted to cannibalism, dogs with ticks covering their bodies, pools of feces, wounded dogs with rotted flesh and exposed bones.  And in most cases, federal inspectors refused to cite breeders, instead issuing warnings when dogs were in serious peril.
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MLAR is asking that readers visit their new website for more information. 


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