More news on greyhound racing – From troubling items in West Va. and Florida to a surprising flip-flop from a betting blogger

The links are pouring into the Pack News Alert System concerning greyhound racing. Today, it’s everything from burying reports on greyhound injuries in West Virginia to a sad promotion of Christmas Day racing in Florida to a total reversal from a blogger who just recently promoted dog racing as if it was great fun.

Let’s start with the blogger. I wrote about this just the other day, when I quoted the blogger as stating – “Add the spice of betting into the race, and what you get is a thrilling, adrenaline pumping contest between the world’s best bred greyhounds.”

The same individual posted again on the site with statements such as the following – “” What most of these fans do not realise or choose to ignore are the horrific conditions these trained and professional greyhounds have to face in the greyhound racing industry. “”

He continues on to produce a stinging indictment of the industry – noting how greyhounds are often killed when they are no longer of value and some are sold off to third-world countries to face additional horrors. He states greyhounds are forced to race at an early age, when their bones are not fully developed and this is a primary cause of injuries on the track.

And then we have this near the end of the post –

“” While dealing out the deathblow, the least costly method is often looked for. Greyhounds are given the bullet in most cases. There are also some cases in which the greyhounds are starved, bludgeoned, or given the bullet. “”

This isn’t the first time this blogger has flip-flopped on this exact issue, so I’m not sure where they seem to be coming from. But this is one post, on a pro-gambling website, that the pro-racing crowd needs to read. Wow!! out of Fort Myers, Fla. shamelessly promoted Christmas Day racing with the following statement – “” Looking for something fun to do after opening gifts and going to church on Christmas Day? “”

So people should open their gifts, celebrate a special day and then head over to the track to witness dogs being exploited and injured for profit?

And – the Charleston Daily Mail is reporting that despite the passage of two years, GREY2K USA’s request for racing injury records from the Nitro track has not been answered by the West Virginia Racing Commission. A spokesperson for the commission suggests it’s just a “miscommunication” problem and a result of “significant staff turnover.”

I guess for two years they’ve been asking for records and someone in that department just doesn’t understand the request. It’s just like calling customer service in India and being put on hold before the guy comes on who can’t speak English. And it’s gonna take more than two years to fix that. I mean come on. Some of the records might be filed under “I” for ‘injuries’ or “T” from ‘This year’s injuries’ or “D” for ‘dogs’ that were injured. And maybe they didn’t learn about computers and didn’t finally purchased one until earlier this year. Maybe the new staff members don’t know how to use Excel software.

Maybe it’s the Cool Hand Luke warden saying, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

Doesn’t say much for the racing commission and its procedures and the way it is operated. And is the organization that holds the lives and health of greyhounds in its hands?


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