Smithfield Foods offers response to HSUS video

Smithfield Foods has produced a statement in response to the release of a hidden-camera video from the Humane Society of the US, showing the horrible treatment sows face in gestation stalls.

From the statement posted on

“” We provide regular training to our employees on our animal welfare policies and procedures, and we have zero tolerance for any behavior that does not conform to our established animal well-being procedures. We will publicly release the findings of the investigation as soon as it is concluded. “”

Note the part that reads “our established animal well-being procedures,” That wouldn’t be a great standard to set for animals. For people who understand animal cognition and self-awareness and care for animals, that statement doesn’t offer any sense of hope for the welfare of animals housed at Smithfield facilities or at factory farms in general.

The piece reports Smithfield has asked for input from Temple Grandin and others for input on policy and procedural changes. One positive from all of these news stories about factory farming is the light being shined on the treatment of the animals and at least the leaders of this industry are having to respond in some way.

I hope the light continues to shine and covers continue to be pulled off of the horrible conditions the animals face, day after day after day.


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