Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

I want to take an opportunity here to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. It’s a great time to be with your human and furry family members.

When we have to go out for meal or a family gathering outside of the home, my wife and I always feel a little guilty about leaving the dogs behind. But we try to make sure we have special treats and Christmas gifts for them. And during the holiday season, we have extra movie nights with the rescues.

Our favorite holiday films to watch by the fire are Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, While You Were Sleeping, When Harry Met Sally and one of my personal all-time favorites is – It’s a Wonderful Life. And I often watch one or more versions of A Christmas Carol.

Our dogs love movie nights all during the year, but it’s a special time during this special season.

All this being said, I do think often about the homeless pets who spend the holidays in shelters, without families. I think about the dogs chained in backyards or the cats dumped by the side of the road by uncaring people who just don’t want them anymore.

We need better laws and better regulations across the board to limit by next Christmas the suffering for animals and to minimize the number of pets who will be spending the holidays lonely and without families.

Thank you to all of you for visiting the Pack Mentality Blog this year. And again, from our furry family to yours – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!


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