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Miami Herald calls greyhound racing a ‘vanishing sport’

Greyhound racing vanishing? Yes – and we can only hope the trend continues. But a “sport?” – No, it is NOT a sport.

Beyond that inaccurate labeling of the industry over this Maimi Herald article, it is grossly one-side and fails to report on the horrors of the practice. It fails to report that the most important element of the decline is fact that more and more people are aware of how the dogs live and die in racing.

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Cockfighting rings slipping around the law in Texas

An investigation by the Humane Society of the U.S. has uncovered nearly two dozens cockfighting rings in Texas, which leads investigators to believe this is the tip of an iceberg of cruelty.

A recent New York Times article exposed a gaping hole in the cockfighting laws in Texas –

“” While it is a felony in Texas to make roosters fight, it is not illegal to raise fighting gamecocks, to attend a cockfight or to possess paraphernalia like the razor blades, or gaffs, that owners strap to birds’ legs to enhance fighting prowess. The Humane Society said such loopholes made it even more difficult to crack down on cockfighting. “”

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Back at it after the Christmas rush

Whew! I’m hoping things will calm now with my schedule. The holidays are great and I’ve loved Thanksgiving and Christmas since I was a very young kid and first discovered the season of holidays.

I still can’t wait to see the Christmas tree lots spring up each year and I never miss the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. And I still think December 26 is the biggest bummer day of the year.

But this year, too many tasks were piled on the old plate. Still, as I said, it was great but it will also be great to back on a regular schedule. I was just getting my daily slate to a state where I was blogging more efficiently when things got a little crazier at my house.

Not that caring for 10 rescue dogs isn’t always a little crazy. But here I am, back at it, as you’ll see above.

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