Cockfighting rings slipping around the law in Texas

An investigation by the Humane Society of the U.S. has uncovered nearly two dozens cockfighting rings in Texas, which leads investigators to believe this is the tip of an iceberg of cruelty.

A recent New York Times article exposed a gaping hole in the cockfighting laws in Texas –

“” While it is a felony in Texas to make roosters fight, it is not illegal to raise fighting gamecocks, to attend a cockfight or to possess paraphernalia like the razor blades, or gaffs, that owners strap to birds’ legs to enhance fighting prowess. The Humane Society said such loopholes made it even more difficult to crack down on cockfighting. “”

While it is pure evil to operate animal-fighting rings, it is pure stupidity to create a law to ban cockfighting, yet leave it perfectly legal to attend a fight or train the animals to fight or possess the materials to run a cockfight. Texas isn’t the only state that has enacted really weak or twisted anti-cruelty laws or those that leave these open canyons in the process that allow the guilty to walk among us. But I have to openly wonder what the thought process was here.

It would be like police arresting a known terroris, but the DA tosses out the arrest because it was okay to have all the materials and documentation they found showing they were planning a huge attack for the next day. Or maybe even after the act it was okay for others to take part, but police could only arrest the ring leader. No – it shouldn’t work that way.

Come on. Can we get some common sense from the folks who are supposed to be leading us?

A bill to close the cockfighing loopholes did come up in the Texas state legislature in 2009, according the New York Times article. But a currupt politician managed somehow to block it from coming to a full vote. With the resignation of this official, there is hope that the bill can be reintroduced.

Why this didn’t come up before 2009 is another question we have to ask, but at least some action might be forthcoming.


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  1. cockfighting is a way of life for some people and we want it back and we dont make them fight tieing the gaffs on is like putting boxing gloves on and we dont make them fight they over there land and hen god grow up people take a deeper look into cockfighting its our sport and we want back


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