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The compassion-for-animals movement is growing reported Tuesday on some polling from the country. I hope the results might indicate that people everywhere, not just in Canada, are becoming more concerned with animal welfare and are expressing more compassion for animals.

The lead paragraph of the story reads – “” About two-thirds of Canadians say a politician’s stance on farm-animal welfare could affect how they vote, according to a new poll. “”

And the report explains 80 percent of B.C. resident say they are willing to pay more for products certified as meeting humane standards. And demand for cage-free organic eggs in British Columbia is exceeding production.

One video game I hope sees very few sales – greyhound racing

I’m not going to link this game site or report the name of the game in question. I don’t want to promote it in any way, shape or form.

I found a link on my daily news feed to a greyhound racing video game. The announcement was for version two of the game. How – not nice. Apparently, the player breeds, trains and bets on the greyhounds. How … sick.

What will we see next? – Michael Vick’s dogfighting game? Or maybe one where the players run their own puppy mills?

I hope very few people are actually going to spend money on this promotional product.

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