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100 sled dogs shot to death in Canada

The CBC is reporting 100 sled dogs were killed last April by a tourism company. The story includes the claim from company management that attempts were made to find homes for the dogs but then the decision was made to kill them.

The manager who killed the dogs was not identified, but his lawyer was quoted as saying –

“” “He just wanted the greatest happiness for the greatest number of dogs. He had to choose — ‘Do I keep 200 dogs and make their lives great, or do I stick here with the 300 that I have?’ And I’m being told by my employer, ‘You deal with it, you figure it out, there’s not really much more we can do for you,'” Steinberg said. “”

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Massachusetts bill would include animals in domestic orders of protection

A letter to the editor appearing Sunday in the MetroWest Daily News included information concerning a legislative bill in Massachusetts that “would allow judges to include companion animals in orders of protection, giving the petitioner exclusive custody, care, and control over the animal, and/or ordering the abuser to stay away from the pet, triggering a violation of the restraining order if unheeded.”

The writer rightfully explains an abusing spouse, for example, will at times attempt to hold power over their victim by threatening or doing harm to a beloved family pet. Fearing for the pet’s safety, the victim might remain with the abuser, remain silent about the abusive behavior or return to the home.

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Sunday Commentary – Those opposing legislation to protect pets are looking really bad right now

There are some organizations such as hunting clubs, the NRA and the American Kennel Club that have been working of late against efforts to protect companion animals – must notably in regard to anti-puppy mill legislation.

I’ve got a bit of advice – particularly for the best dog breeders in the country. Get out in front of those opposing legislation to protect animals or risk being lumped into the pile with organizations that are being placed, by their own actions, in a very bad light.

Missouri, of course, is the most recent example. Proposition B contains some very basic and reasonable regulations – such as access to time outside for the breeding dogs, regular vet care and better housing. Speaking out against reasonable guidelines such as these comes across to the public as being against better living conditions for breeding dogs. This view from the public is reasonable and correct.

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Update – Bill to protect animal abusers pulled in Virginia

Thankfully, a bill that had been introduced in the Virginia state house that would benefit criminals and cut protections for abused animals has been pulled by the bill sponsor, as reported by Kristin Bissell of the Chesapeake Animal Welfare Examiner.

HB 2482 included provisions to allow accused abusers to keep their companion animals until the case is heard, allow those CONVICTED of abuse to keep their companion animals for at least 90 days AFTER a court has ordered them to give up their animals, repeal current regulations that allow for those convicted to be banned from having or selling or trading companion animals again and eliminate a requirement that those convicted pay for the care of the animals they have abused.

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Video of the Day – Creature Comforts “Pets at the Vets”

Once again, we break the mood a little with a bit of humor.

A bill has been introduced in Virginia to cut protections for abused pets

Every time I think I’ve heard something that ranks at or near the top of the list for the most idiotic actions of all time, something else enters the contest.

This time it’s in Virginia, where some elected official or officials has introduced a bill that could remove protects for abused animals and could even allow convicted abusers to continue to engage in cruel acts. I notice this story posted on The Daily Progress website does not identify the person or persons who are sponsoring the bill. I guessing the writer just didn’t want to name names in this case.

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Bill to ban simulcasting of greyhound races advances in Pennsylvania House

A new bill is moving forward in the Pennsylvania State House, which would ban the simulcasting of greyhound races. A blog post notes live racing has been banned in the state since 2004, but this effort could help cut off more profits for the industry.

Simulcasting has been a means to slip around state bans, to allow people to cast bets on out-of-state races. Hopefully, this bill make it all the way to the governor’s desk very soon. And I hope the trend will continue, most notably in states that still allow dog racing.

Rep. Curt Schroder is interviewed in this video and talks about the problems in the greyhound racing industry and notes his family has adopted a greyhound.

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Video of the Day – “Gorilla Walks Like a Man”

These two amazing videos show Ambam – a gorilla at the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park – walking upright. Apparently, this isn’t a first for gorillas but it is unusual at best.

He seems – on observation – to be really proud of his new-found ability.

And Part II –

NC lifts suspension of euthanasias at the Robeson County shelter

The Fayetteville Observer reports North Carolina officials have removed the suspension on euthanasia at the Robeson County animal shelter. The halt was imposed after two reported of cases of a landfill employee finding puppies alive among dead dogs being dropped off at the landfill.

The article reports the shelter manager stated the veterinarian given the tragic task sedated the puppies but forgot to go back and administer the euthanasia drug. So this apparently happened at least two times. It is a troubling trend.

So now that the suspension on euthanasia procedures has been removed, it’s time to suspend the practice of creating homeless pets at the source and sources.

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More on the Minnesota breeder exposed by CAPS

According to a story posted on, the Minnesota breeder exposed in the Companion Animal Protection Society undercover video has been convicted on several past counts of “cruelty and torture.”

The most serious charges against the breeder included performing Cesarean Sections on her dogs without anesthesia.

And then – from the article –

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