Puppy mill legislative news from NC and Missouri

I’ve got a couple of quite notes this morning on puppy mills news out of North Carolina and Missouri.

North Carolina Public Radio ran a piece Wednesday referencing a story about a recent fire that killed eight dogs at a breeding operation near Selma, NC. The dogs were housed in outdoor pens made of wood.

Kim Alboum, the director of the North Carolina chapter of the Humane Society of the US, is quoted in the article as noting a bill was tabled last year that would have required higher standards on the kennels, possibly preventing this tragedy.

And as it stands now, commercial breeding operations are free from inspections and the mills can only be uncovered if someone happens to complain.

And in another story, this one anti-voting, anti-Constitution state senator in Missouri has a filled a bill to repeal the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, which was passed by a vote of the people. But it seems Sen. Bill Stouffer (R-Napton) believes states-wide elections should be by county and not by a vote of the people state-wide, which is the way the laws on the books are written.

The vote didn’t go his way, so he thinks the number of counties that voted for the measure should apply. Just toss out the actual laws that apply to elections when it suits him. His campaign slogan for his next election bid – Your vote doesn’t really count – It just depends on how I’ll twist your vote.


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  1. Bill in the House (H.R. 835) would provide some protection but it’s not enough. Please contact your local US House Rep and voice your concerns about puppy mills


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