Arizona Daily Star columnist states his case against greyhound racing

The momentum is building against greyhound racing, as quickly as the numbers attending greyhound races are dropping.

Arizona Daily Star columnist Josh Brodesky offers one of the latest bits of imagery from the not-so-grandstands of a racetrack, this time at the Tucson Greyhound Park. A few people still don’t get it and are still placing bets or even watching the races.

The dog-racing industry can no longer hide from the light. It’s desperate attempts to claim cruelty is compassion are falling on the ears of a better-informed public. If people are going to gamble, they are going to at least gamble on inanimate objects such as cards, dice and machines.

Brodesky gets it –

“” Not about the cramped cages these dogs live in, the diseased meat they are possibly fed or the injuries they suffer in the name of small-time wagers. Not about the deaths and disappearances we have seen over the years. No way to reconcile this so-called sport with its legacy of neglect. “”

He reports that between 2001 and 2006 Arizona dog tracks received more than $44 million in tax breaks. Tax breaks for a cruel industry. Dog tracks are getting tax breaks and state government regulations that require that they remain open. Few, if any other industries get this sort of complete and total support from states like Arizona and Florida.

Do the elected officials in these states sleep at night, knowing they support cruelty. Many probably sit around talking badly about Michael Vick (and they should) but at the same time they support greyhound racing.

Brodesky said only a handful of regulars watched the races Tuesday night. And for the dogs he added – “” They might have been chasing an electric bunny, but given the weight of history, it felt more like they were running for their lives. “”

Sad but true.


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