Missouri group features billboards to defend Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act

Missourians for the Protection of Dogs has purchased billboard space in an effort to spread the message that the will of the voters should be defended – along with the welfare of dogs. Some state legislators in Missouri will be trying to overturn Prop B, in an attack on the voters and on the state and federal Constitutions.

For the elected officials and other who want to overturn the legislation because it failed to pass in a majority of counties in the state, I ask the following question: If the candidate you supported for governor in the state’s next STATE-WIDE election were to get a majority of the vote overall would you call for the vote to be tossed out if he or she did not come out on top in a majority the counties?

I’ll answer that for you. You would NEVER suggest this. This effort against the people of Missouri and against the mission to shut down puppy mills is nothing more than sour grapes.


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