Sea Shepherd clashes with Japanese whalers in Antarctic waters

Sea Shepherd ships Bob Barker and Steve Irwin found whaling ships in the waters off Antarctica over the weekend and renewed their mission to stop the Japanese vessels from killing whales.

There has already been a confrontation on the sea between the fantastic crew of Sea Shepherd ships and the whalers, as reported by the Association Press.

Japan continues to claim its killing of up to 1,000 whales each year is for research – and it just so happens that the meat ends up on meal tables. We all know what a whopper of a lie that is. The only real research Japan is working on is to come up with new recipes for whales dishes and new lies to support the industry.

<Yeah – I’m really Tom Brady. I just change one letter of my name as writer to hide my true identity.>

In fact, new news reports have led Japan to admit to a whale meat scam. ABC News reports Japan’s Fisheries Agency has admitted officials accepted gifts from the body that operates the “research program” (wink, wink).

From the article – “” The original allegations, broadcast on ABC TV’s Foreign Correspondent program, undermined Japan’s claim that its whaling program was purely for science. “”

And – “” Although the agency now admits that more than $3,000 worth of meat was taken, Greenpeace and the two whistleblowers believe that is just a fraction of the amount that has been embezzled. “”


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