Born Free USA is asking you to make a difference for animals in 2011

Born Free USA has offered up a list of ways we can all resolve to make a difference for animals in 2011.

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Resolutions for a happy and compassionate new year from Born Free USA for all living beings:

  • Support retailers that do not sell fur: Resolve to never buy or wear fur or fur trim, and avoid shopping at stores where fur is sold. Instead, find compassionate stores, designers and more resources at

  • Avoid products tested on animals: Just because a label says “Not Tested on Animals” or “Cruelty Free” does not mean the ingredients were not tested. In the new year, resolve to be more informed about animal testing, and visit the website for The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics, otherwise known as the Leaping Bunny Program, which provides a list of companies that do not test on animals (
  • Buy pet supplies from stores that do not sell live animals: Shopping at a store where wild reptiles, exotic birds and any other live animals are sold supports a cruel industry. In 2011, stop animal exploitation by refusing to shop at stores where live animals are sold. For a list of compassionate pet stores, visit
  • Commit to supporting a different kind of circus: The life of a circus animal is cruel and miserable. In 2011, spend your money instead on incredible circus shows such as Cirque du Soleil, or check out other non-animal circuses at
  • Co-exist with your own backyard wildlife: Resolve to co-exist with your own wild neighbors and deal with deer, bat, raccoon, skunks and squirrel conflicts humanely, proactively and permanently. Visit for tips on humane ways to handle critters who want to make your home theirs.
  • Be an eco-tourist: Take opportunities to see wildlife in the wild in your own community parks and woods, or plan to take an eco-tour that helps preserve wildlife. For more information, visit
  • Encourage wildlife outside your window: Resolve to make your immediate world — your garden, yard, window box — wildlife friendly. Plant flowers for bees, feed wild birds, encourage butterflies and inspire children to plant, participate and observe the beauty of nature.
  • Resolve to become a Born Free USA Zoo Checker: Help Born Free track abuses and substandard conditions suffered by animals in zoos, aquariums, circuses or other places that exhibits animals. Born Free USA works tirelessly to fight wild animal captivity and the cruelty involved. Help keep wildlife in the wild. Learn more at
  • Eleven in 2011: Tell 11 friends in 2011 about Born Free USA and the mission to keep wildlife in the wild, by asking them to visit

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