Temple Grandin on horse slaughter

The Animal Law Coalition reports Temple Grandin spoke at a pro horse slaughter summit but did not offer the attendees the stamp of approval for the practice that they were looking for.

Grandin noted the problems within the horse-slaughter industry and the practices that would have to be in place to better-insure more humane treatment of the horses. (Not that I agree that this possible.)

I am troubled by one paragraph of the ALC report, which noted – “She (Grandin) described herself as “neutral” on the issue of whether to ban horse slaughter for human consumption.”

But, the best comments from Grandin came on her presentation of the far better strategies for dealing with the over-population of horses and to help horses in need –

From the article –

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birth control including low cost gelding though only one facility currently offers that service, raising awareness  about overbreeding, find jobs for older horses, establish a “horsefinder” that like petfinder.com would help owners network to find homes for horses they cannot care for any longer, establish hay banks and allow hay to be harvested on land that the government pays farmers to leave unplanted, allow in place rescue, create horse parks, or impose surcharges on stall fees at tracks and horsebreeding to cover the cost of humane euthanasia.

In effect, the solutions relayed by Dr. Grandin are (1) stop the overbreeding, (2) find ways to care for horses in need.

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Great suggestions. So ban the horse slaughter and ban the selling of horses at auction to be sent elsewhere for slaughter and then lets implement these suggestions and hold the people responsible for over-breeding horses accountable.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rose Weiner on June 25, 2011 at 12:44 am

    Tom Grady,
    Knowing horses are slaughtered makes me sick in the gut. The ideal would be no killing; and we know that ain’t gonna happen right away. Dr. Grandin has the right site on this one. Low cost gelding and stop the dam overbreeding. (ihow about foal allotment; that might help.) I am mixed on slaughter houses. They are being so abused in the out-of-country slaughter houses. (I can only go by what I see on You Tube.)
    I like the idea of adopting all or part of a horse that is cared for by a rescue facility. When the horse goes to a forever home the money can be allotted to another horse. No? I live in the city and cannot easily take a horse for a walk.


  2. Posted by Kate Garvey on June 7, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    as an auction yard owner i can say if we go away where will this central clearing house be at least now if you want to “rescue” a horse or “adopt” a horse instead of just buying one. Right not people know that one day a month they will be able to find 80 to 100 horses of all quality


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