Letter to the Editor supporting greyhound racing contains some big blunders

The Battle Creek Enquirer out of Michigan has published a letter to the editor from a member of the American Greyhound Council.

In this letter, the writer states racing greyhounds receive “excellent care and treatment.” – WRONG! Constant confinement, 4D meat and injury and death on the track are far from excellent.

He goes on to say – “… nearly 95 percent of all registered greyhounds are adopted when they quit racing.” – WRONG! What he conveniently leaves out are the thousands that die each year that don’t make grade, are killed after suffering injuries or that simply disappear when they are no longer valuable to the industry at the end of their racing days.

And one of the individuals commented under the letter, highlighting the misdirected idea that greyhounds “quit racing” – as if they get to go to their trainers and say, “I’m getting past my prime. I think I’ll retire, if that’s alright with you.”

He goes on to salute the adoption groups that he claims put aside their “political views” to work with the tracks on getting dogs out. In reality, the groups are trying to publicly stay neutral for fear the industry won’t turn the dogs over to them, if they speak out against racing.

And then there is the tired old line that suggests the industry has to treat the greyhounds with great care, so that they perform well on the tracks. Yeah, and that’s why puppy mills dogs are always found in such great shape. The puppy millers have to take great care of the parent dogs, otherwise the puppies won’t be of the highest quality. We all know that’s not true.

Wow!! It must have taken some work to get so much wrong in one letter.


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  1. Posted by Caryn Wood on January 10, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    Thanks for pointing out the errors in the American Greyhound Council’s letter.

    In this day and age of information and information technology, the greyhound racing industry maintains no database to show the number of greyhounds adopted. Greyhounds are registered, racing information is compiled, but the information stops short when it comes to what happens to the greyhounds after racing. Yet, the industry continues to try to float unsubstantiated alleged adoption percentages.

    However, thanks to information technology and the work of greyhound advocates, the public continues to become increasingly aware of the dark and cruel realities of greyhound racing.

    For a wealth of accurate information, please visit http://www.grey2kusa.org. For example, you will find greyhound injury reports obtained from the states which require such reporting. You can also view a recent investigative video which shows Tucson Greyhound Park greyhounds living muzzled in near darkness in stacked wire cages 20+ hours a day, day in and day out, and you’ll see and hear about the 4-D diseased meat fed to those greyhounds.

    Again, thank you Tom Grady for another excellent blogpost.


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