Another key example of why we continue to have a puppy mill problem

One of the key reasons we continue to have a terrible problem with puppy mills in this country – beyond the fact that too many people are customers of this industry – is the extremely weak laws. Some people claim existing laws are enough. They say we just need better enforcement.

But out of Arizona, we have a story that offers an example of just how weak our laws are, even when the enforcement is there. reports a couple received just three years probation for running a puppy mill.

From the story – “” Sheriff’s deputies went to the Joneses’ home in March 2008 to investigate a complaint about the conditions. They found about 800 small-breed dogs and nearly 40 exotic birds living in filthy conditions in a triple-wide mobile home and barn. “”

They are still, even after operating a puppy mill, allowed to keep some of their pets, but have been ordered to have them spay, neuter and licensed. And they can obtain “additional” animals.

This tiny slap on the wrist is supposed to deter people from running puppy mills? Maybe there’s more to this story than is being reported here. But this punishment just doesn’t seem to cut it.


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