Utah bill to allow shooting feral animals is based in stupidity

Okay, I’m gonna get a little nasty with this one. I read this story posted on the Salt Lake Tribune website, concerning a bill which would allow the shooting of feral animals, including homeless pets that happen to be feral. I froze on the fourth paragraph, which included the review of a statement made by bill sponsor Rep. Curt Oda, (R-Clearfield) –

“” Oda said a humane killing would be any method that caused the least amount of suffering. Shooting is singled out as an acceptable method in his bill, but Oda said other means that would be allowed include using a bow and arrow, clubbing or decapitating some animals. “”

Rank stupidity at its highest level. This individual thinks humane methods for killing a living, thinking beings include a bullet, bow and arrow, clubbing it to death and decapitation.

And the story goes on to report Rep. John Mathis, (R-Naples) – a veterinarian who actually sponsored a 2008 law to make animal cruelty a felony in Utah – states the American Veterinary Medical Association “provides guidelines for humane euthanasia that he follows.”

And he suggests these approved methods include shooting, blows to the head and decapitation. In one paragraph, he is reported to have said these methods are to be used when a feral animal can’t be caught or carries a disease. I believe the animal would probably have to be caught before decapitating it or dealing it a sick blow or blows to the head.

Does he know that tools are available to sedate wild or feral animals? Do these people ever think about what they’re saying? And I hope, at best, the writer of the article asked questions about these inconsistencies, but just couldn’t fit the answers into the story.

Is it not inhumane to beat an animal to death? Are we on the same planet? Are these people living in an alternate universe where up is down?

Let’s just consider this – If this article is to be believed, a veterinarian, the AVMA and some elected officials in Utah think beating a dog or cat in the head or shooting them with an arrow are humane methods of euthanasia.

Do they know – in the case of feral cats – that successful catch, fix and release programs are underway across the country? Do they know that animals possess a state of consciousness? Do they know that in the case of dogs and cats, irresponsible people are responsible for the existence of ferals?

I’m stunned by the lack of education and the lack of compassion represented in this story.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Judy Wood on January 24, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    I think he has been watching too much China animal culling on you.tube. I vote he leaves Utah and moves to China. We can do without idiots like him running our state. It was like pulling teeth to get the felony animal cruelty law passed; now we have to deal with this sicko.


  2. Posted by Tess on October 4, 2011 at 12:18 am

    You know what it sounds like to me? A way hunters can get their rocks off by killing animals, and then say that they’re cutting down on the surplus animal population.


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