Another pitiful attempt to defend the exploitation of animals – in horse racing and dog racing

I found an editorial on the site that attempts to defend the horse-racing industry (and greyhound racing). I thought the writer was going to attempt to defend the treatment of the horses, as she starts out with the admission that “some of the accusations” of exploitation are true in the animal-racing industries.

But the writer only proceeds to discuss the negative economic impacts of not having horse racing around. The writer never goes back to even attempt to counter the negative treatment of the horses (or racing greyhounds).

So the argument is this – Sure the animals are exploited, but we’ve got to keep horse racing around because it provides jobs.

Really? Why not let the industry fade away and replace it with other forms of gambling? I don’t gamble and don’t suggest anyone gamble. But if states are going to allow betting on horse or dog racing – if the gambling is deemed legal – then take the animals out of the equation and just go with casinos. People are employed and the animals are better for it.

Why does the gambling have to be on animal races?

I thought it was interesting that this writer freely admits the animals are exploited but never attempts to counter the point. It’s all about the money.


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  1. The next thing you should write is the translation of this article. Looking forward for this.


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