Column offers review of key animal-welfare laws enacted in 2010

A columnist for the Santa Barbara Independent offeres today a review of the some the top laws enacted in 201o to protect animals.

Here’s hoping the momentum is building and 2011 becomes even bigger and better in the way of more states stepping to the plate for stronger animal-welfare laws.

A few thoughts on the list presented by columnist Lisa Acho Remorenko

Connecticut’s anti-tethering law – Great! It’s time for more states and communities to join this movement.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has outlawed fox penning. Wonderful news, in banning this incredibly cruel practice. But the state is still – by far – the leading greyhound racing state. Protecting the fox is great, but what about the greyhounds?

Florida should in 2011 join the newest members of the anti-greyhound racing states – New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

And California took the additonal step of banning the sale of eggs from hens housed in battery cages.

So many other compassionate laws were passed in 2010, including the federal ban on crush videos. And I’m really pleased that we’re reading more and more about the connection between those who abuse animals and move on to committ violent acts against people.

Our legal system must do a better job of recognizing this fact and in doing so protect people and animals by increasing the penalties imposed for these acts, so that innocent people and animals are protected.


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