Undercover work brings down large puppy mill

The rescue group CAPS (Companion Animal Protection Society) used undercover video to bring down a large puppy mill operation in Minnesota.

And this was a USDA licensed breeder. Unfortunately, I’ve read where this operation may be up and running again within the family, under another name.

I’m sure the people who ran this operation and many, many others like it would be the first in line to strongly claim their dogs were treated with the best of care and would claim “animal rights extremists” just don’t know anything about raising puppies.

Well … that’s just wrong isn’t it? If this is an example of what these people know about dogs and breeding – while they claim to be experts – then they’ve got a complete misunderstanding of what it means to learn something. They need to start over with “Dick and Jane” books.

It’s time to take a huge step forward and it’s time for the states and the USDA to get serious about shutting these puppy mill operations down. When it’s this bad, it should be one strike and you’re out – permanently out of business. And this story clearly makes the case that breeding operations need to be inspected early and often, with clear guidelines on housing, cleanliness, vet care and playtime.

Maybe the Missouri legislators who want to overturn Prop B need to be required to watch this video – live on C-SPAN – with a Q&A session after, where the public can ask them why they want this type of cruelty to continue.


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  1. Posted by RoseMarie on February 9, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    AMEN. I have been working for over 12 years to help shut down kathy Bauck. I had 2 dog’s with autoimmune related health issues and one definitely came out of Bauck’s facility in 1997. I can’t prove the second one did, because i don’t have all her transfer information, but the 2 pedigree’s, show numerous same dog breeding pairs and she most likely had to go through Bauck’s facility. Both dog’s died from rare autimmune diseases. One at 10 years old and the other at 11. i spent thousands of dollars on Vet bills on both dogs and have a broken heart. It’s about time, the USDA pulled her license, but why does she still have dogs and why is she still torturing, breeding and selling puppies??? What will it take to put her behind bars and never let her near animals again?

    If the abuse was on human babies, she would not be allowed to continue. Animala have the same needs and feelings as humans, only they can’t speak to defend themselves and that is one reason why she is allowed to continue, because they can’t tell everyone what she is doing.

    Let’s get this story on the National news and finally shut her down forever. She is not the only one, there are many other’s in our country that are just as bad and it’s time we stopped all of this animal cruelty. Don’t by from a Pet shop, because all those cute puppies have suffered at their young age and their parents continue to suffer.


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