More misinformation being spread by opponents of Missouri’s Prop B

The misinformation campaign against Proposition B in Missouri continues, in conjunction with the effort to overturn a vote of the people of the state.

We need to make the point that the people who are speaking out to overturn the vote of the people are most likely folks who would be screaming if elected officials were trying to overturn a vote on another issue that they had voted for.

This is a win-at-all-costs effort to overturn this important legislation intended to shut down puppy mill operations.

As for the misinformation, we have the following, in an article posted on the Kansas City Star website.

‘”” “”

Prop B is specifically aimed at licensed, professional dog breeders,” said Karen Strange, president of the Missouri Federation of Animal Owners. “No licensed breeder in Missouri could comply with these regulations.”

“” “”

Wrong, wrong and wrong. Nothing I’ve read in Prop B indicates it is only directed at licensed breeders. And when one actually reads the text, focusing on requirements for cages and cage size, vet care, access to the outside, we see that these regulations are nothing more than we would wish for for the pets that live with families.


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  1. Posted by Nancy Weller on January 27, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    Thank you!!


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