More on the Minnesota breeder exposed by CAPS

According to a story posted on, the Minnesota breeder exposed in the Companion Animal Protection Society undercover video has been convicted on several past counts of “cruelty and torture.”

The most serious charges against the breeder included performing Cesarean Sections on her dogs without anesthesia.

And then – from the article –

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Another post to the new Facebook page included photos of health certificates of puppies being sold in New York pet stores as recently as September of 2010. The documents list Kathy Bauck as the breeder for the puppies.

In 2009 Bauck lost her USDA license following her most recent conviction for cruelty and torture, meaning that it is illegal for her to sell puppies commercially to pet stores.

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And it is reported that the state of Minnesota provides no regulation on the estimated 400 large-scale breeding operations within its borders. But efforts are underway on new legislation to – hopefully – fix this huge problem.

The Facebook page for the group monitoring the puppy-mill news in Minnesota is Facebook/MNPuppyMills.

I watch the video I posted yesterday and the images haunt me, knowing so many dogs are suffering in puppy mills nationwide. Is it hundreds of thousands of dogs or more nationwide that are suffering today and every day? Just look at the number of large-scale breeding operations reported in Missouri and Minnesota alone. The state agencies and the USDA must do more to ensure the dogs are protected.

Where the dogs live only in cages with no time for play or exercise outside, that needs to change for the better or the breeder should be shut down – at minimum if for this one issue alone. We know animals suffer both emotionally and physically from constant confinement. We know this to be a fact. It’s long past time for elected officials at the state and federal level to catch up to the science.


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