NC lifts suspension of euthanasias at the Robeson County shelter

The Fayetteville Observer reports North Carolina officials have removed the suspension on euthanasia at the Robeson County animal shelter. The halt was imposed after two reported of cases of a landfill employee finding puppies alive among dead dogs being dropped off at the landfill.

The article reports the shelter manager stated the veterinarian given the tragic task sedated the puppies but forgot to go back and administer the euthanasia drug. So this apparently happened at least two times. It is a troubling trend.

So now that the suspension on euthanasia procedures has been removed, it’s time to suspend the practice of creating homeless pets at the source and sources.

The state rightfully saw a problem at the Robeson shelter and slapped it with this (temporary) ban. But what about the other end of the problem? What about the causes of the problem that leads to the tragic deaths in shelters by the millions across the country each year?

When are states across the map going to ban puppy mill operations and get serious about inspections and penalties? And when are the remaining states that still allow it going to ban greyhound racing, which also adds to the level of homelessness? And we need to do much more to promote spay/neuter and to find strategies to impose penalties on those who are allowing their pets to randomly produced offspring that so often end up in shelters or with local rescue groups across the country.


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