100 sled dogs shot to death in Canada

The CBC is reporting 100 sled dogs were killed last April by a tourism company. The story includes the claim from company management that attempts were made to find homes for the dogs but then the decision was made to kill them.

The manager who killed the dogs was not identified, but his lawyer was quoted as saying –

“” “He just wanted the greatest happiness for the greatest number of dogs. He had to choose — ‘Do I keep 200 dogs and make their lives great, or do I stick here with the 300 that I have?’ And I’m being told by my employer, ‘You deal with it, you figure it out, there’s not really much more we can do for you,'” Steinberg said. “”

So the company had 300 dogs? I wonder what life was like for these dogs when they were not pulling sleds for their lives.

And the story wraps up with this –
“” Outdoors Adventures Whistler told CBC News the incident is tragic and regrettable, and a new policy has been put in place to ensure all dogs are euthanized at a veterinarian’s office. The company also said it has implemented a neutering program for all male dogs to mitigate unwanted pregnancies in the pack. “”

It’s 2011 and this company is just now – and only after a horrible act has come to light – deciding how the dogs should be euthanized and just now getting around to a policy to neuter the male dogs to cut down on “unwanted pregnancies.”
And it’s bad enough that euthanizing dogs that are no longer valuable just seems to be a casual, matter-of-fact event – part of the cost of doing business. These are dogs – living, breathing, thinking, feeling beings – not copy machines that can thrown out when they stop working.
And a comment posted under the story is also troubling –
“” As horrible as this is, I know that the culling of sled dogs is a fairly common practice. It is part of the industry. “”
My first thought is this industry can be lumped in with sled-dog racing and greyhound racing. And all three need to be shut down for good.


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  1. 100 sled dogs shot to death in Canada « PACK MENTALITY…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……


  2. Posted by Lian Martin-Hill on February 1, 2011 at 8:33 am

    Bloody sickening.


  3. When not pulling sleds, the dogs are confined to kennels, or staked on a length of chain.

    The atrocity, for me, is that there are actually people who defend this twisted sadist; dismissing his brutality by declaring that he “made a mistake”.

    Killing one dog may a mistake, killing two is doing a bad thing … then immediately realising and STOPPING this sadistic torture of forcing tethered dogs to see each other being viciously slaughtered, could have been considered the actions of a “good man” doing a “bad thing”. If reporting was accurate, this conscienceless sadist continued the barbarity all one day … slept, woke up … and started again the second day.

    One dog, two dogs, three dogs, four dogs … Begin to count it out, one at a time – It is a long way until 52. Fifty-two (apparently) dogs dying in agony of mind – the torture of knowing what is going on … and – for some, the agony of a slow death from having throats slit, or half a face shot away.

    My younger brother is one of the handlers and mushers in this small community who has commented upon this twisted monstrosity – and because of which, I do have some “insight” into the industry. Whilst I shall not repeat my brother’s intensely strong sentiments, I am astounded that there could be any moral, right-thinking individual with even a shred of decency, who could even attempt to defend this conscienceless creature.

    “PTSD” … certainly, especially when monetary compensation is the “cure”.

    This savage was so weak-minded that he could not say “NO”?
    So thumb-sucking childish that he could not take the moral stand and defy his employers orders?
    So devoid of a moral conscience that he could not refuse to inflict this brutality upon the animals?

    For all the promises of government and “authorities”, it would be interesting to know if the company is still in business … still running “tours”. They were suspended, but are they now …?

    It is now the end of August 2011, and I do hope that people, in general, will never forget this disgraceful atrocity and the terror inflicted upon those animals who waited in terror, knowing that they – at some point – would be the next to feel the butchery of this madman.


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