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More on the AVMA oath revision, to include welfare

The American Veterinary Medical Association recently modified the veterinarian’s oath to include a concern for animal welfare. The Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan noted on Friday the inclusion of the phrase, “prevention of animal suffering.”

It’s an important revision and I hope this is another move forward for animal welfare.

In her feature on the subject, Lisa Hare includes this – “” For decades, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has upheld confinement farming practices, including veal crates, gestation crates and battery cages, and for years, strongly opposed revisions to the oath. “”

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Letter to the editor in SC makes a great point about the costs of puppy mills

The writer of a letter to the editor posted Saturday on the (in Anderson, SC) brings up another very important aspect of the puppy mill debate. Beyond the terrible treatment of the dogs in puppy mills is the cost imposed on local communities through budgeting for animal care and control agencies.

Selling puppies and kittens at 6 weeks old, breeding without regard to health, breeding without regard to temperament and selling pets like products at a big-box store usually results in more homeless pets at local shelters all across the nation.

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Sunday Commentary: 2009 Nightline Amish puppy mill report

The more I consider the information included in the 2009 Nightline report on Amish puppy mills, the more important it becomes, in my view.

Background: A rumor was circulating recently that Nightline had conducted another bit of research into the Amish and their dog-breeding practices. The rumor turned out – unfortunately – to be inaccurate. But in the process, I found the link to the 2009 Nightline report.

In the video – which I posted on February 25 – a Mennonite breeder was interviewed by the ABC reporter. I contend this interview and the scenes from inside his facility are important to the animal-welfare debate.

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Video: Cat loves his teddy

Just couldn’t resist this one when I saw it. It’s good to mix in some really positive tidbits – with the overload of bad news we sometimes see.

Bills on dog breeding and animal fighting in West Virginia legislature

The West Virginia legislature is debating bills that would make animal fighting a felony and better regulate puppy mills.

WVHS TV news reports a bill to impose regular inspections for breeding operations with 11 or more unsterilized dogs passed in the House Judiciary Committee on February 22. The bill would also limit breeders to 50 dogs older than a year old.

In the West Virginia Senate, a bill passed recently which makes betting on animal fighting a felony (with up to one year in prison and fines from $1,000 to $5,000.

SPCA in Ohio calls for end to gassing at shelter after 37 dogs lose their lives in homemade chamber

The Ohio SPCA and a local Humane Society are asking why other means were not explored in a case where a local shelter used a homemade gas chamber to kill 37 dogs, confiscated from a property on February 10.

The excuse given in a WKRC story is the dogs were underweight and had mange. For one thing, both conditions can be treated. But even if their conditions were so bad that it warranted euthanasia, injection is the only humane method that should be used.

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Video: Forever Franky’s amazing transformation

If this video doesn’t warm your heart, nothing will …

New York woman pleads guilty to torturing animals in front of her children

I recall when this story first came out. A woman in New York state was arrested in 2009 and charged with adopting animals from local shelters and then torturing them to death in front of her children.

It was reported that 42 dogs were found buried in her backyard. Writer Cheryl Hanna, in an story, reports prosecutors called her home a “concentration camp for the animals.”

She was charged with six Class A misdemeanors for endangering the welfare of a child, two felony charges of aggravated cruelty to two animals and five misdemeanors for animal cruelty. How could any of this be considered just a misdemeanor?

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Original Nightline Amish Puppy Mill Report

For those who were waiting and wanting to see Nightline publish an update on Amish puppy mills, here is the original report from March of 2009.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Nightline Amish Puppy Mill Report, posted with vodpod

Notice the breeder that allowed the news crew in to film was proud of his facility and called it “state of the art.”

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Where abuse can damage, compassion can repair

Best Friends Animal Society is featuring a story this week about Dolly, a pit bull rescued from abuse, neglect and starvation. With a new home now, she is soaking in the compassion and giving back the love.

Dolly was rescued through the new Court Case Dog program in Chicago, which involves “assessing, training and finding homes for dogs who have been the victims of cruelty, abuse or neglect and who have been impounded at ACC as evidence in the former persons’ court cases.”

She was featured in a PSA with Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buerhle and his wife Jamie.

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