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Minnesota woman charged with animal cruelty for trying to mail puppy

Minneapolis police have charged a woman with animal cruelty after it was discovered she tried to send a puppy – in a box – through the US Postal Service.

An article on noted postal workers became aware that something alive was in the box when it moved and fell off the counter.

Is there any limit to what cruel acts some people will engage in when it comes to innocent animals? This is just simply idiotic.

Another commentary on Missouri’s Prop B – with the same, tired misinformation

This time, we have a state representative in Missouri who doesn’t seem to be able to comprehend what he reads – or maybe what he doesn’t read. Or maybe it’s something else.

In his commentary posted on the Missourian website, Chris Kelly states –

“” Prop B, as passed by the voters, applies only to licensed breeders. “”

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