Another suspected puppy mill shut down – this time in Tennessee

WSMV reports approximately 100 dogs and one cat were rescued from an alleged puppy mill operation in Lewisburg, Tenn. The Humane Society of the United States assisted in the rescue and took photos of dogs living in filthy cages and covered in waste.

The WSMV story included a great quote from the county sheriff –

“The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office will continue to fight against puppy mills, cock fighting, dog fighting and any other cruelty to animals,” said Marshall County Sheriff Norman Dalton. “We ask that pet owners treat their animals kindly, and they will receive that pet’s unconditional love in return.”

The rescued dogs included King Charles spaniels, chihuahuas, poodles and Maltese.

It is noted that the kennel operator will not fact criminal charges. I can only assume that authorities went this route because the owner immediately agreed to surrender the dogs. I am somewhat troubled by this. But I understand it meant the dogs could get out of a very bad situation right away.

But ultimately, the state needs to make sure this breeder cannot get back into the breeding business.


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