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More on the slaughter of sled dogs in Canada

The Seattle Times has posted an update on its website concerning the slaughtering of 100 sled dogs in Whistler, BC. The article includes information from a statement from the sled dog tour company and its manager, who allegedly killed the dogs.

The statement (see the link above) suggests the dog were too old, too sick and not adoptable. And the statement includes an apparent admission that this isn’t the first time this manager has been given the task of killing unwanted sled dogs. Oh the parties involved try to gloss it over, but they really don’t (apparently) realize what they are admitting to here.

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Texas legislature considering crackdown on puppy mills

Texas could be the next state to join the movement to shut down puppy mills. The legislature, according to an opinion piece I found on The Rice Thresher website,

The column notes the Better Business Bureau published a report that concluded legislation is needed to require inspections. Otherwise, the responsiblity of maintaining humane conditions at these facilities is left to the breeders only.

And the columnist rightfully suggests puppy mills are adding to the level of homelessness in pets.

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