More on the slaughter of sled dogs in Canada

The Seattle Times has posted an update on its website concerning the slaughtering of 100 sled dogs in Whistler, BC. The article includes information from a statement from the sled dog tour company and its manager, who allegedly killed the dogs.

The statement (see the link above) suggests the dog were too old, too sick and not adoptable. And the statement includes an apparent admission that this isn’t the first time this manager has been given the task of killing unwanted sled dogs. Oh the parties involved try to gloss it over, but they really don’t (apparently) realize what they are admitting to here.

How is that the company has not been taking the sick dogs to a veterinarian, where someone is trained to care for them or to humanely euthanize those at the end of their lives? How is that so many dogs are facing this end at all – in this industry? It sounds very much like greyhound racing to me. This company had dogs that were sick and not adoptable. Why?

Is it that the costs were too high to properly care for their dogs? As is the case for greyhound racing, if the industry or those within the industry cannot care for the dogs through their natural lifespans, then it’s time to shut it down.

Equipment can wear out and be replace. Fine. That’s a cost we can all understand. But if an industry cannot exist without animals paying this sort of price – with suffering and death – then it’s time to shut that industry down – be it sled dog tour businesses, sled dog racing or greyhound racing. Dogs are not industrial equipment and their lives should not ranked as nothing more than the costs of doing business.


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  1. Posted by Nancy Weller on February 5, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    So very tragic.


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