Texas legislature considering crackdown on puppy mills

Texas could be the next state to join the movement to shut down puppy mills. The legislature, according to an opinion piece I found on The Rice Thresher website,

The column notes the Better Business Bureau published a report that concluded legislation is needed to require inspections. Otherwise, the responsiblity of maintaining humane conditions at these facilities is left to the breeders only.

And the columnist rightfully suggests puppy mills are adding to the level of homelessness in pets.

Under the proposed legislation in Texas, operations with 11 or more breeding females would be subjected to inspections by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The inspectors would use standards set in the Federal Animal Welfare Act. And in a great move, the breeders will pay fees to cover the costs of the inspections. For those who don’t like “unfunded mandates,” there’s your answer.

And my favorite part of the column –

“” Breeding facilities that pass inspection would receive a license from the TDLR and would be inspected annually to keep their license. Breeding facilities that do not meet the standards would be shut down. “”

We need to begin this process nationwide. Any breeder who doesn’t pass this sort of inspection, for minimum levels for humane treatment and housing of the breeding dogs or cats, should not hold a license and those operating without such a license should be shut down on the spot.


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