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Protesters hold march for sled dogs killed in Whistler, BC

A group of approximately 70 people and their dogs marched over the weekend in Whistler, BC – to protest the killing of 100 sled dogs, as reported by the Canadian Press.

I really like this line from the story –

“” Lise Landriault and Sally Murray, two Whistler-based makeup artists, circulated a petition calling on the federal government to strengthen animal cruelty laws. “”

Both Canada and the United States could stand some serious improvement to anti-cruelty laws and we need to increase the penalties for abusing animals and kids. The current level of slap-on-the-wrist punishment just doesn’t work.


The strange meter spikes on the puppy-in-the-mail story

The story of the woman in Minnesota who tried to send a puppy through the US Postal Service took another weird twist Monday. She admitted that she did mail the puppy, but punched air holes in the box and put bottles of water inside.

How did the judge not either laugh her out of the courtroom or suggest she be charged with presenting the most lame excuse of all time. So the puppy is supposed to unscrew the cap on the water bottles have a drink? Is that it?

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Hawaii to join the anti-puppy mill campaign?

The Hawaii might become the latest state to enact anti-puppy mill regulations. An article on indicates the state does not currently regulate large-scale breeders.

A bit of undercover work in June 2010 exposed a breeder in Hawaii, where sick and injured dogs were caged 24/7. notes the breeder’s response was – “What’s the big deal?

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