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Another letter to the editor in Missouri spreads the same misinformation

Once again, someone writing to promote repeal of Prop B in Missouri is using the same tired line that the measure will only impact licensed breeders.

And the writer of the letter posted on tries to claim it will be “impossible” for Missouri breeders to obey the regulations and make a profit. We all know the really good breeders already meet or exceed the breeding provisions in Prop B.

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Movement to ban dog auctions in Ohio

There is a movement going on in Ohio to ban dog auctions – and rightfully so. Dog auctions are the horribly cruel first cousins to horribly cruel puppy mills. In this video from WKRC in Cincinnati, we see that some in the Amish community are involved in this terrible industry.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Movement to ban dog auctions in Ohio, posted with vodpod

The person managing the auction featured in the piece states they don’t mistreat the dogs. Typical of those who are involved in this sort of thing and have no other argument to their devices. It’s like a drunk driver, who fails a sobriety test miserably yet tells the patrolman that he hasn’t had a drop to drink.

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