Movement to ban dog auctions in Ohio

There is a movement going on in Ohio to ban dog auctions – and rightfully so. Dog auctions are the horribly cruel first cousins to horribly cruel puppy mills. In this video from WKRC in Cincinnati, we see that some in the Amish community are involved in this terrible industry.

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Movement to ban dog auctions in Ohio, posted with vodpod

The person managing the auction featured in the piece states they don’t mistreat the dogs. Typical of those who are involved in this sort of thing and have no other argument to their devices. It’s like a drunk driver, who fails a sobriety test miserably yet tells the patrolman that he hasn’t had a drop to drink.

In this case, the Amish people should be ashamed of what is happening. I hope this isn’t something these folks across the board approve of. It certainly isn’t God-like to abuse animals.

But while people like this auctioneer and one Amish individual quoted in the video defend the industry, it doesn’t change the facts. As the report notes, the dogs that rescue groups managed to save had serious problems – both physical and emotional. I would have liked to have gone back the auctioneer to ask him if it was okay with him that the dogs are suffering these problems.

And then it is reported that the dogs who are not purchased are killed. It’s a no-win situation for any of these auction dogs that are not saved by rescues. It’s either a continued life in puppy mills or death.

And what about the people who buy dogs online or in stores that came from this system or others like it. They are buying dogs – probably labeled as AKC registered or some other breeding label. But in reality, the puppy has come from a process where someone has randomly purchased the puppy’s parents from an auction.

I just want to tell anyone and everyone who is buying online or from a store, thinking they want an AKC, purebred dog, that they are failing on two fronts. They are supporting a terrible industry and helping that industry thrive and continue to torture dogs – and they are not getting what they think they are getting.

Tell everyone you know to go to rescue groups or your local shelters to get pets. Spread the word to their friends, neighbors and relatives to rescue and tell them to spread this message.

For more information on the effort to ban dog auctions in Ohio, go to



7 responses to this post.

  1. Excellent article on the Ohio dog auctions! Thank you tom! Very informative!


  2. Posted by horse1983 on February 9, 2011 at 10:17 am

    I agree with Mary – a revealing and eloquent piece, Tom! The report from WKRC is certainly informative and I am grateful to the station and to Paula Toti for the coverage. But there was so much more vital information that the public needs to be made aware of… and your posting shares just that. Thank you!


    • Posted by Tom Grady on February 9, 2011 at 10:44 am

      Thank you and thank you to Mary. It is long past time to ban these auctions everywhere and for the states and the federal government to get serious about shutting down puppy mills, once and for all.
      I get passionate about going deeper into these stories to expose the misinformation being presented by those who seek to exploit and mistreat animals.


  3. Great article. We need to get the word out any way we can. These auctions are a very big secret in this country unless you are working in some aspect of animal welfare. As always, Mary’s work is the heartbeat that keeps this fight going!


  4. Horses and livestock at auction are bad enough but dogs too???? Where does the greed end????
    I hope these people rot in hell. I really do. So tired of the abuse of animals at the hands of man.


  5. Hey thanks for doing this! Check out my post about Mary O’connor- Shaver that just went up yesterday
    on Bocci’s

    Give it a shout-out if you would and I’ll do the same for yours!



    • Posted by Tom Grady on March 7, 2011 at 11:41 am


      Thanks for the visit and for the link to your Bocci’s Beefs blog post.
      I will post on the interview and will include a link to your site under my blogroll.


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