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Good rundown of editorials supporting Prop B in Missouri

Michael Markarian, the COO of the Humane Society of United States, wrote an editorial that appeared on Wednesday. In the piece, Markarian makes the case against repealing or gutting Missouri’s Proposition B, which some elected officials in the state are on a mission to do.

He also offers up some excerpts from editorials, from key individuals who are barking back against those who want to protect puppy millers and/or subvert the vote and the will of the voters in Missouri.

Thursday Commentary: The new viral message – Rescue has a Pet for That

I was going to save this blog entry for a Sunday Commentary, but it’s too important to wait.

We often see where a YouTube video has gone viral and within days has a million to millions of views on the popular website.

It’s time to take a simple message and make it viral – Rescue and dogs and cats are the best. Adoption is absolutely the best option.

How do we do this? Just like we’ve seen with a would-be viral video. A few people see it and tell others about it. Those friends and family members send the link to others they know and soon exponential growth takes over.

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