Thursday Commentary: The new viral message – Rescue has a Pet for That

I was going to save this blog entry for a Sunday Commentary, but it’s too important to wait.

We often see where a YouTube video has gone viral and within days has a million to millions of views on the popular website.

It’s time to take a simple message and make it viral – Rescue and dogs and cats are the best. Adoption is absolutely the best option.

How do we do this? Just like we’ve seen with a would-be viral video. A few people see it and tell others about it. Those friends and family members send the link to others they know and soon exponential growth takes over.

I believe an ever-growing segment of the population has discovered this fact – that rescues are nothing short of fantastic. One of the common themes I hear from people all the time are statements about how their rescued dog or cat seems grateful or offers a bit more love, in return for being rescued.

I have often been involved in conversations with people – who don’t know beforehand that I am an advocate for animals – who glow about what a great pet they found at a local shelter and about the special bond they have with that pet.

But on the other hand, there is still this notion floating around that families don’t know what they are getting when they rescue a dog from a shelter. This premise is SO WRONG and we – you and I – need to counter this false information with a viral voice.

I recently had a conversation with someone who adopted a dog that my wife and I found for them at a local shelter. This family had some bad previous experiences through the purchase of a dog from a store. But now, nearly every time I see them with their newest family member, they talk about what a great dog she is and that they couldn’t possibly have found a better pet.

I believe the odds are actually better by going the rescue route. People can ask questions of the shelter workers or rescue volunteers, about the dog’s behavior or the cat’s habits. Want an active dog or a snuggly cat or senior who will watch movies with you? We’ve got a pet for that.

There’s the new slogan!! Want a special furry friend? – Rescue has a Pet for That.

Spread the word!!


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