Thought for the Day – Compassion vs. Greed

Greed and the moral compass of compassion cannot live together in the human mind. One will eventually absorb the other.

What we’re seeing of late in the animal-welfare movement – in large part – is battle of greed versus compassion. I never want to narrowly cram everyone into categories, but in a broad sense, this is the problem we face.

One side refuses to consider the fact that animals experience emotions and thus both physical and emotional pain and suffering. To understand this would mean industries that use animals would have to budget compassion into their operations. Maybe it’s changing to free-range facilities to produce eggs or removing pigs from tiny enclosures.

It’s not convenient or cost-effective to understand that animals have self-awareness –  for industries like your standard factory farm or greyhound racing or in puppy mill operations.

The other side wants to see animals treated with care and compassion.

I’ve thought about this topic of late. It hit me when I read that some people were against improving  laws that might protect dogs and cats from torture because it might lead to laws that would protect farm animals. So these folks didn’t want to see those who torture pets held accountable because it “could” lead to a cut in their bottom lines somewhere down the road.

Compassion and greed have a really hard time living in the same room.


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