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Washington State considering anti-tethering law

The terrible death of a dog on the end of a tether is the impetus for a proposed state-wide anti-tethering law in Washington.

A Seattle Weekly blog post on the story includes a graphic photo taken by a neighbor, showing the dog hanging over a fence, hung by the chain around its neck.

Senate Bill SB-5649 would make it illegal to tether a dog for an extended period of time.

Anti-tethering ordinances are cropping up in a growing (but too slowly) number of communities across the country. In many cases, tethering is limited to a certain time period over any 24-hour time frame.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Spam filter is getting too picky

Just want to let everyone know that I just realized that my spam filter had a number of comments collected that were NOT spam at all.

My apologies to the folks who have left comments under post that did not show up in recent weeks. It appears to have effected about a dozen or so comments. I’ll try to keep checking this often in the future.

Thank you.

Video of the Day – Tennessee puppy mill rescue

The Humane Society of the United States assisted the Marshall County, Tennessee Sheriff’s office recently in a puppy mill rescue.

Columnist thinks it’s time get off Michael Vick’s case

A columnist thinks people are being too hard on Michael Vick and that it’s time to get off his back.

Coley Harvey uses a very poor choice of words to defend Vick – “” Can this grotesque, bloodthirsty infatuation with — by all noticeable accounts — a fully rehabilitated, reformed man finally get squashed once and for all? “”

Grotesque? Bloodthirsty? – These are words that fittingly describe those who engage in the brutal and incredibly cruel act of dog fighting. It is an odd twist of reality to turn those phrases on people who are sickened by Vick’s participation in a grotesque and bloodthirsty industry.

Montana and North Dakota latest to consider anti-cruelty and puppy mill laws

The pace seems to be picking up for states considering new regulations to fight animal cruelty and puppy mills. This past week, the legislatures in Montana and North Dakota joined the debate.

The bill in Montana, according to reporting on, would require inspections, establish some standards of care and require licensing for breeders who sell a set number of dogs for a time period.

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