Columnist thinks it’s time get off Michael Vick’s case

A columnist thinks people are being too hard on Michael Vick and that it’s time to get off his back.

Coley Harvey uses a very poor choice of words to defend Vick – “” Can this grotesque, bloodthirsty infatuation with — by all noticeable accounts — a fully rehabilitated, reformed man finally get squashed once and for all? “”

Grotesque? Bloodthirsty? – These are words that fittingly describe those who engage in the brutal and incredibly cruel act of dog fighting. It is an odd twist of reality to turn those phrases on people who are sickened by Vick’s participation in a grotesque and bloodthirsty industry.
He goes after Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buerhle, who allegedly made a statement recently that he hope Vick would suffer an injury on the football field.
If Buerhle did indeed make this statement maybe some can call it a little too harsh. I’ve read that he is an animal lover so I’m willing to give him the benefit that his statement was made with a bit of emotion in considering the torture the dogs endure in fighting operations.
Maybe Vick is turning his life around, as Harvey suggests. We’ll see. But people who wear their compassion for animals as badge of caring will need to see more from him. If Harvey wants to support Vick that’s fine. But he shouldn’t attack those who are feeling more compassion for the dogs he killed that never had chance at a better life.

2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m a Detroit Tiger fan who is a huge fan of Mark Buehrle and the work he and his wife do to support the rescues.

    And I can categorically state I am not a Vick fan…


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