Montana and North Dakota latest to consider anti-cruelty and puppy mill laws

The pace seems to be picking up for states considering new regulations to fight animal cruelty and puppy mills. This past week, the legislatures in Montana and North Dakota joined the debate.

The bill in Montana, according to reporting on, would require inspections, establish some standards of care and require licensing for breeders who sell a set number of dogs for a time period.

The concern for many states now is that since states like Missouri have established far better regulations on breeding within their borders, then the bad players will pick up shop and move to states with weaker laws. The article notes this concern from an elected official in Montana.

Licensing fees will help offset the costs for inspections. Another good move. And breeders who fail inspections will not be allowed to sell dogs. Another good move.

Hopefully, the bill will advance forward. But the bad news is the committee that heard it Thursday took no action. The good news is the bill is supported by a number of groups, including the Montana Veterinary Association. We’ve seen at least one other state where a veterinary association took the very sad and strange move of fighting against anti-puppy mill regulations.

In North Dakota, a new bill could mean felony charges for those who commit a second offense of cruelty to an animal or abandon animal. The is state one of the last four that does not have felony anti-cruelty laws on its books. North Dakota joins Mississippi of late in trying to get off that list.

The maximum penalty could be up to five years in prison. That’s good if it goes with the statement – “without parole.”

The story on reports among those attending a Senate Agriculture Committee meeting last week to speak out against the bill was the owner of Daryl’s Racing Pigs. Yes, Daryl’s Racing Pigs. No, I didn’t make that up. Check the link.

Once again, the opponents of better protections for animals and of harsher penalties for criminals turn to attacking the Humane Society and other groups for having a so-called radical agenda. I’d say the people who don’t want animal abusers punished are the ones with a radical agenda.


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