Sadly, a Kansas businessman wants to reopen three greyhound tracks

Phil Ruffin wants to buy the Woodlands racetrack in Kansas, which is not in operation and then reopen it to greyhound racing, along with two other tracks – according to an article by the Kansas City Star.

What a terrible move. While efforts are underway in a number to states to shut down racing and end the suffering for thousands over thousands of greyhounds, here we have an effort to bring racing back.

What he needs, however, are slot machines to make the tracks profitable – maybe. He’ll need the backing of the state legislature to do this. Why does he need slots? Because greyhound racing is a big-time loser, in more ways than one.

Does this make any sense to anyone? If this was not greyhound racing, would any elected official with minimal brain function vote for this?

Let’s say someone went to Kansas and said they wanted to open a business selling packs of dog feces as a snack item, which had been totally unprofitable for them in every other state. But they wanted to add slot machines to the feces stores, because nothing else would allow the stores to remain open. Would the state say, “Hey, great idea.” – ?

I’d say no. But some elected officials will probably think that since abusing dogs is part of the plan, that’s a better business plan.

Why not just allow casinos with slot machines – without the racing? Why add an aspect to the proposed operations that is not profitable on its own – and on top of that one with a history of abusing dogs and adding thousands to the homeless pet population each year?

This latest proposal in Kansas is stupid on multiple levels.


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  1. Kudos!! Quite terribly stupid.


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