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Update: Missouri State House and Senate committees send bills forward to repeal Prop B

A Missouri State House committee advanced a bill forward Wednesday to repeal key provisions of Proposition B, the measure voters passed in November to regulate puppy mills.

A Senate panel has also moved a bill forward with modifications to the law, according to

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Canada wants to keep clubbing seals to death and wants to force Europe to support it

Canada’s Federal Fisheries Minister gets a Pack Mentality nomination to the Warped Thinking Hall of Fame for this one. The European Union has issued a ban on the trade of seal products and from her minister chair, Gail Shea is launching a formal challenge to the ban.

So the European Union rightfully decides that it doesn’t want to see products derived from extreme cruelty shipped into the region. But officials in Canada are trying to force the region to buy its blood-stain products.

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Elected officials in Colorado and Virginia want to weaken animal-welfare laws

We are seeing some states moving closer to passing better laws to protect animals from abuse and send abusers to prison. But two stories linked below offer a reminder that some legislators and the entities that guide their actions with donations want to gut protections for animals.

In Virginia, two bills have been introduced that is reporting will lower care standards for farm animals, including horses.

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Great News – Japan may be cutting short its Antarctic whaling season

Under pressure from groups such as Sea Shepherd, International Fund for Animal Welfare and from other nations, it appears the Japanese government may be – about halfway through its “season” – pulling its whaling fleet out of the Earth’s southern ocean waters.

The Sydney Morning Herald also notes this is raising hope that Japan might end its whaling program, which for so long has been falsely declared a research program. (I mean, come on, really. It’s like Lindsay Lohan with the “I only borrowed the necklace excuse.” Maybe Lohan should have claimed she was doing research on jewelery.)

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