Canada wants to keep clubbing seals to death and wants to force Europe to support it

Canada’s Federal Fisheries Minister gets a Pack Mentality nomination to the Warped Thinking Hall of Fame for this one. The European Union has issued a ban on the trade of seal products and from her minister chair, Gail Shea is launching a formal challenge to the ban.

So the European Union rightfully decides that it doesn’t want to see products derived from extreme cruelty shipped into the region. But officials in Canada are trying to force the region to buy its blood-stain products.

I guess it’s a case of – “How dare they not buy our nasty products. We’ll show them.”

A story on includes a quote from Sheryl Fink, Director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Seal Program.

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“The Canadian government should be investing money to help Atlantic Canadians by supporting industries that don’t stain our international reputation, not wasting it on life-support for the dying seal hunt,” Fink added. “IFAW and our supporters fought hard to achieve this ban. You can be sure we will be speaking out to defend it.”

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