Great News – Japan may be cutting short its Antarctic whaling season

Under pressure from groups such as Sea Shepherd, International Fund for Animal Welfare and from other nations, it appears the Japanese government may be – about halfway through its “season” – pulling its whaling fleet out of the Earth’s southern ocean waters.

The Sydney Morning Herald also notes this is raising hope that Japan might end its whaling program, which for so long has been falsely declared a research program. (I mean, come on, really. It’s like Lindsay Lohan with the “I only borrowed the necklace excuse.” Maybe Lohan should have claimed she was doing research on jewelery.)

The most enjoyable passage from the Sydney Morning Herald piece –

“” But the factory ship, Nisshin Maru, was today steaming towards Drake Passage, below South America, pursued by the Sea Shepherd group’s vessel Bob Barker, having left its nominated whaling grounds 2000 nautical miles behind. “”

The Sea Shepherd reportedly jammed up the propellers of one harpoon ship and delayed the fleet’s refueling system.

The governments of Australia and New Zealand should also be honored for pursuing a case against Japan in the International Court of Justice.


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  1. Great News – Japan may be cutting short its Antarctic whaling ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……


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