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Writer makes a clear point against those trying to repeal Missouri’s Prop B

Martin Matheny makes a great point in the lead to his Feb. 17 column on He suggests the puppy mill industry is “the only industry Missouri legislators care about these days.”

I like the headline too – “” Missouri Legislators Determined to Keep Puppy Mills in Business. “”

On Tuesday, the Missouri House Agriculture Policy Committee voted unanimously to send forward House Bill 131, which will gut Proposition B.

Matheny goes on to say the bill “will strip the requirements for clean water, room to move around in cages, and time to rest between breeding cycles out of Proposition B. In essence, it makes Prop B a do-nothing law. It’ll still be on the books, but with no real requirements for breeders. And, it’ll be back to business as usual for the puppy mill owners.”

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Nightline, the Amish puppy mills and an internet miss

So the rumor that Nightline was going to air a segment on puppy mills Friday night turned out to be just a rumor.

This is why I tend to spend so much time double-checking news. But sometimes, even when you hear about something like this and check multiple sources, we find even multiple sources can be wrong.

So to give us something to see in its place, to show people are out there battling against puppy mills, I have the following video from DoggyTV. It features actor Danny Trejo, who usually plays a tough villain in movies. But in this short film, he and his wife are heroes, speaking out against puppy mills.

Part 2 of a San Francisco Chronicle column on the Whistler sled dog massacre

Part 2 of writer Christie Keith’s column titled “Lessons from a sled dog massacre” has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle.

I ran a post about Part 1 on February 11.

In Part 2, Keith challenges the local SPCA’s suggestion that sled dogs are not adoptable. I can go along with that. We’ve seen were even Michael Vick’s dogs, with some TLC and compassion, are living new lives in new homes.

But where Keith goes off track is not going after the sled-racing industry. She includes the following –

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Video – Betty White for shelter pets and the Pedigree Foundation

Betty White – a long-time advocate for homeless pets – has a new video out for the Pedigree Foundation.

Also, a writer named Pamela Black has a column on, noting White is teaming with Pedigree Foundation for the PSA video. And in reading the piece, it seems she has similar thoughts about the AKC as I do.

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