Part 2 of a San Francisco Chronicle column on the Whistler sled dog massacre

Part 2 of writer Christie Keith’s column titled “Lessons from a sled dog massacre” has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle.

I ran a post about Part 1 on February 11.

In Part 2, Keith challenges the local SPCA’s suggestion that sled dogs are not adoptable. I can go along with that. We’ve seen were even Michael Vick’s dogs, with some TLC and compassion, are living new lives in new homes.

But where Keith goes off track is not going after the sled-racing industry. She includes the following –

“” “”

Despite what the SPCA claimed, living in a tethering situation doesn’t make a dog unadoptable, Jacques said.

“Sled dogs may live most of their lives on tether in the dog yard, but that doesn’t mean they’re unsocialized or territorial,” she told me. “These dogs are bred to work with each other effectively, as well as work well with humans.”

“” “”
Jacques is quoted as the president of the International Siberian Husky Club.
So here we have an admission that sled dogs “live most of their lives on tether.” Stating that this doesn’t mean the dogs are not adoptable is one thing – and I understand that this is the point of the column.
But in writing a column about something horrible that happened to sled dogs, she should have at least mentioned that this is a cruel way for dogs to live out their lives – on the end of a tether.

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