Writer makes a clear point against those trying to repeal Missouri’s Prop B

Martin Matheny makes a great point in the lead to his Feb. 17 column on Change.org. He suggests the puppy mill industry is “the only industry Missouri legislators care about these days.”

I like the headline too – “” Missouri Legislators Determined to Keep Puppy Mills in Business. “”

On Tuesday, the Missouri House Agriculture Policy Committee voted unanimously to send forward House Bill 131, which will gut Proposition B.

Matheny goes on to say the bill “will strip the requirements for clean water, room to move around in cages, and time to rest between breeding cycles out of Proposition B. In essence, it makes Prop B a do-nothing law. It’ll still be on the books, but with no real requirements for breeders. And, it’ll be back to business as usual for the puppy mill owners.”

So let’s review again. The pro-puppy mill legislators don’t want breeders to be required to supply clean water for their dogs and don’t want to allow the dogs room to move around or time to rest between breeding cycles.

Prop B sets very basic standards of care for breeding dogs, minimum standards that we can all agree we’d want – at minimum for pets living in homes. But where money trumps compassion, we have what see in the Missouri legislature.


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